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First develop colour  film   



 pictures manually in the world 

at Everest Base Camp 1997

Process film 

 with special chemical and very carefully because with small  mistake the images will lose or blank.

 (pic. at Nanche bazar)





Mohd Noor is 

the FIRST and, currently, ONLY photographer 

ever to 


develop colour pictures manually 

on an altitude 

of 17,500 feet 

above sea level 

at the Everest Base Camp In this 

icy cold temperatures of the base camp, 

the developed negatives were scanned into a laptop computer 

and sent 

via satellite telephone to 

the Utusan Melayu media group office.



Fellow climbers 

from other nations, including 

professionals and 

the British expedition leader, 

were surprised to see a Malaysian photographer, 


and confidently, processing and developing negatives in 

a very 

harsh environment! 

They apparently 

have never heard of 

the spirit 

of Malaysia Boleh! .

Developing negatives in a very harsh environment! 

Scanned into a laptop computer and sent via satellite telephone to the Utusan Melayu media group office at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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